Here comes the patch that does not hurt the skin of babies

A patch delicate, suitable for the most sensitive skin, such as that of infants. They designed researchers from Harvard Medical School in Boston and his colleagues at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), created the first patch that rises quickly, leaving no residue or irritate.

A patch is also ideal for the most delicate skin, that of premature infants hospitalized in intensive care units of hospitals. How to explain it to the researchers, the removal of the patches from the skin of babies causes in the United States, 1.5 million injuries each year, ranging from simple irritation to injuries to permanent scarring.

Compared to the classical patches of paper or plastic in two layers, the new device has an extra layer, composed of a thin film coated with chitosan derivatives, polysaccharides naturally derived. The film is positioned between the two layers, the adhesive layer and the outer film.

In the addition of this layer makes the plaster more delicate and much easier to detach, while enhancing the resistance. And if there is some residue on the skin, it can be removed easily by swiping your finger in a circular motion. The discovery is published inĀ  the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.